Arouse (Spiral of Bliss, #1)

Arouse (Spiral of Bliss, #1) - Nina Lane 5 heart breaking yet beautiful stars!"Maybe this was meant to happen, this discovery of cracks where now a different, yet new light can shine through"Arouse is a story about Olivia and Dean West, a couple happily married for 3 years. Their relationship is honest, open, comfortable, and they have a very STEAMY sex life. But something happens that triggers a series of events to occur that makes both of them question their trust in each other as well as question their future together. "I love him to my bones, but suddenly I'm wondering what I might have been without him."I think Dean described Olivia very well when he stated that she is sweet, determined, innocent, and guarded all at once. Olivia had a pretty rough childhood which taught her that she couldn't really depend on or trust anyone but herself. "I wanted to learn how to trust a man. I wanted to know what true, physical pleasure felt like. I wanted to find the courage to be vulnerable on my own terms, as my own choice." Dean was the first person to really break through her barriers and I think he was pretty much the first person she ever truly loved. I absolutely adored how Dean called Olivia beauty. I am pretty sure that is my new favorite term of endearment :) Dean is an intelligent, successful, gorgeous man who appears relatively perfect at first but during the course of this story you see that he has his faults as well. Especially when a secret from his past is revealed that has a HUGE impact on their marriage.Overall, I think that Arouse is a very honest portrayal of marriage and the issues that can occur. I am immediately planning on buying the sequel Allure, because this story totally leaves you hanging!On a side note, I think everyone should have a best friend like Kelsey! She is such a good friend to Olivia and Dean and her advice to them while they are going through their rough patch was great. Example - Kelsey to Olivia: "And I never want to hear this whiney, I'm-a-piece-of-shit crap from you ever again."