Everything For Us (The Bad Boys, #3)

Everything For Us (The Bad Boys, #3) - M. Leighton Bad Boys BR with Sara and Jo continues!WARNING ! IF YOU HAVE NOT READ DOWN TO YOU (BAD BOYS #1) AND UP TO ME (BAD BOYS #2), YOU MIGHT NOT WANT TO READ THIS REVIEW AS IT WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FROM THE FIRST TWO BOOKS!I will admit that I was hesitant prior to starting this novel because I HATED Marissa in the first two books. She was rich, spoiled, snobby, and completely rude to Olivia, her own cousin! In the second book, Up to Me, the Russian Mafia mistakenly kidnapped Marissa instead of Olivia when they were trying to gain leverage against Cash. The kidnapping greatly affected Marissa as a person. Since being rescued, she is trying very hard to stop living the life her father expects of her and instead wants to make a life of her own. She is also trying to become a better person and make amends to those she has wronged in the past. “I don’t deserve a second chance. I don’t deserve anybody’s trust or confidence. They’ve all seen what I was like. I’ve made an impression that I may well never be able to live down.”One of the people involved in Marissa’s rescue was the real Nash (Cash’s twin brother). To give you a Reader’s Digest version of Nash’s history: Nash witnessed his mother’s murder when his family’s boat was blown up by the Russian Mafia. In order to protect Nash, his father told Nash to disappear and to basically live his life on the run. For seven years after his mother’s death, Nash worked on a boat involved with illegal activities that he was not proud to be a part of. Some very terrible things happened to him while he worked on this boat. Also during these seven years, Cash lived a double life by pretending to be both Nash and Cash so that his father would not be charged with Nash’s “murder”. As you can imagine, Nash was very bitter about the fact that he had to live his life on the run while Cash (pretending to be Nash) got to stay home, graduate from law school, and date lots of gorgeous women (including Marissa). I thought one of Marissa’s thoughts about Nash was very true:”He’s a loner, stranded on an island of anger and bitterness. He needs rescuing. He just doesn’t know it yet.”Since Nash rescued Marissa from her kidnappers, the two of them can’t seem to stay away from one another. Nash is up front with Marissa about the fact that he doesn’t do relationships, doesn’t get attached, and that he basically will use her for sex. ”You’ll probably get hurt.” I gulp. I know it’s true, but hearing the words, out loud, acknowledging them, is something else entirely. “I know,” I admit. “Then you can’t say I didn’t warn you.”Despite of Nash’s warnings, Marissa decides to keep Nash in her life. There is just something about him that she is drawn to. Everything for Us is a story about Nash and Marissa rescuing each other. Marissa helps Nash see that he doesn't have to live his life as a loner and that he can trust and depend on others. She also helps him feel emotions that he hasn't experienced since his mother died; like happiness and love instead of anger, bitterness, and hate. Nash, on the other hand, helps Marissa overcome her desire to live her life by her father’s standards and shows her that she doesn't have to care what others think of her. The situation between the Russian mafia, Nash, Cash, and their father also comes to a conclusion in this book too. Will Nash/Cash be able to get their father out of prison and send the responsible parties to prison? Will Nash be able to take his life back and have a relationship with Marissa? Will Nash & Cash be able to keep their loved ones safe? All these questions are answered in this novel.My ThoughtsSurprisingly, I ended up loving both Marissa and Nash’s characters. Marissa genuinely wanted to become a better person and I definitely felt like her intentions were genuine. I really appreciated the fact that her desire to become a better person was shown in an honest manner. She didn’t just change overnight and it wasn’t easy for her. She had to overcome a lot of insecurities and obstacles to become the person she wanted to be. Nash, who was a complete asshole at times, has a special place in my heart. I could totally understand how he would be angry, bitter, and focused his entire life on getting revenge against the people who took not only his mother but seven years of his life as well. I definitely was hoping he would find happiness because after all the shit he has been through, he deserves some good in his life. Nash had a lot of attributes that I love in a book hero. He was HOT, an alpha male, possessive, and he is the type of guy to take what he wants =D There were quite a few times where I thought my panties were going to burst into flames!"In fact, now might be a good time to warn you that if we come back to this library, I’ll find out for myself. In this very spot. I’ll push you up against the books in the corner and I’ll put my hands on you. I’ll do things to you. In the quiet. And you won’t be able to make a sound. Not a whimper, not a moan. You’ll have to bite your lip to keep it all inside."Overall, this was a lovely conclusion to the Bad Boys series! Though I definitely missed Cash and Olivia, I really enjoyed reading about Nash and Marissa’s story.