Untitled (Masters of the Shadowlands, #8) - Cherise Sinclair Teaser from Cherise's Facebook on 6/9/13As promised, a teaser from Sally & the Feds. Very, very unedited, okay? This is from her graduation party when Sally and friends are ordering drinks...“Three?” Kari spun around. “I’m not—““Hey, bet Dan hasn’t had a good reason to spank you in ages. If we’re going to get in trouble, so are you.” Sally smirked.The bartender stared, his mouth dropping open.Kari turned red. Picking up the tray of drinks, she glared at Sally, then muttered, “And bring me that drink.” After a glance at the bartender, she added, “If he ever makes it.”The bartender blinked and looked down. “Shit!” Most of the glass was filled with cranberry juice. He tossed it in the sink and started making a new one.Oh God. Sally was giggling so hard she had to put her glass down and hold her stomach. She glanced over at the Doms and saw Galen watching her. Her attempt to stop laughing almost blew her brains out. A horrible snort escaped instead.“Please. Stop. I’m going to wet my pant.” Kim leaned against her.The bartender's face turned even redder and set them both off again.When Sally tried to take her drink, he held on to the glass. “So, you like spanking?” he tried to say casually.“Ah—““She does.” Galen’s dark voice came from behind her. He wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her back against his rock-hard body. “But my hand is the only one that gets applied to her pretty ass.”The bartender released her glass so quickly she almost dropped it.Galen turned her and they headed back to the group. “Enjoy your drink, pet. Because I’m going to enjoy punishing you for it.” He rubbed her bottom and she could feel the calluses on his palm through her silky dress, before he left her beside Kim and Kari.***********Whoo! Looking like Sally's book will be out in early October! :) Can't wait!