Steal My Heart

Steal My Heart - Lisa Eugene **ARC courtesy of the author, Lisa Eugene, in exchange for an honest review**4 Where-Is-My-Hot-Hobo Stars!Maggie, an OR nurse, is on her way home from work when she comes across a hobo who appears to be seriously injured. Maggie does her best to help stabilize his injuries until an ambulance can arrive to take him to the hospital. Little does Maggie know that by her helping Gabe (the hobo), she unwillingly gets involved with an ex-Navy SEAL who is currently a gun for hire and his latest assignment.Maggie is definitely not the typical heroine that I read about in novels but I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her character! She is feisty, moralistic, likes control, and is a total germaphobe!Maggie to Gabe after he saved her life: "I can't believe you pushed me onto the floor. Do you know what kind of microbial soup-"*~*~*~*~*Maggie's thoughts about when she purchased a sex toy: "David called the shop his 'grocery store of genital goodies.' And she'd been surprised that it was so much like a grocery store, with seemingly ordinary people pushing shopping carts filled with its and other curious items up and down isles. He'd teased her mercilessly because of the wig and dark glasses she'd insisted on wearing, and repeatedly assured her that she looked like the only weirdo pervert in the store, especially after she'd spent a great deal of time questioning the manager about the most efficacious ways of cleaning and sterilizing the device she'd reluctantly purchased."Her comments and thoughts about germs really cracked me up! Another hilarious aspect of this story is Maggie's gay best friend & neighbor, David. Maggie: "Well, he was still dangerous! He was huge and packed with muscles."David:"Ooh. My kind of hobo."Maggie: "And he was so dirty."David: "Even better!"*~*~*~*~*David talking about Gabe: "And damn, Mag, I don't know what's inside his pants, but from what I could see on the outside, he's pretty damn hard to forget!"Gabe is the typical type of bad boy that I drool over in books. He is an ex-Navy SEAL, a loner, HOT, controlling, dirty (in the good kind of way), possessive, and surprisingly sweet at times. "There's so many parts of your body that I love," he admitted huskily. "It's sometimes hard to decide which I love more."*~*~*~*~*"You're beautiful Maggie. So beautiful you take my breath away."Overall, If you are looking for a fast paced romantic suspense novel with a quirky heroine, alpha hero, and lots of twists, Steal My Heart is the book for you!