Agent of Desire (Jessica Booker, #1)

Agent of Desire (Jessica Booker, #1) - Charlie Evans I was really looking forward to reading this book after reading the summary and seeing so many glowing reviews but unfortunately, I just couldn't get into this story. Jessica basically wanted to sleep with any guy she came into contact with, which I found a little hard to believe. Another aspect that I wasn't impressed with was that Jessica expected her superiors to take her seriously but she just kept making dumb mistakes. For example, thinking the flower Sims gave her had the code she needed, when she was explicitly told her handler would give her a rose. Or she forgot the glasses that Geoffry is wearing have tracking and audio/visual. And the love (?) story between Jess and Geoffry seemed rushed and kind of unnecessary in my opinion since it looks like in the next book Jess will have another love interest. I know this series is kind of like a female James Bond series, so different guys each book makes sense. The emotional attachment between Jess and Geoffry is part of my problem with her finding a different guy in the next book.