New York to Dallas (In Death Series #33)

New York to Dallas (In Death, #33) - J.D. Robb New York to Dallas was by far one of the most emotional & intense of the In Death series! In this book, Eve is trying to catch a serial sadistic rapist who broke out of prison. In Eve's pursuit of Isaac McQueen (the rapist), Eve and Roarke must travel to Dallas, TX, which is the city that holds a lot of memories regarding Eve's broken childhood. My heart hurt for Eve as she had to deal with horrific aspects of the case involving McQueen as well as her having to come to terms with her past. I definitely was emotional at several points during this book. There was a scene in particular that involved Galahad (her cat) that got me all teary eyed. I definitely didn't expect to get emotional over a scene with her pet!Roarke as usual was amazing. He did his best to support Eve and to take care of her physically and emotionally when she wasn't taking care of herself. He also provided some comic relief as well.There was one scene where Roarke prepared a bath for Eve, and knowing her so well; Roarke made the water temperature very hot. Eve invites Roarke to join her and this is part of the conversation that followed:Eve: "It's not that hot"Roarke: "If I had a lobster, we'd boil it and eat it."Eve: "You set the temp."Roarke: "So I did, and now, with no lobster in sight, we're boiling my balls."Overall, I would give this book 5 stars! It was full of suspense, character growth, a HUGE plot twist that I didn't see coming, and definitely lots of love :)**One of my favorite quotes**Eve: "For two people who started out so fucked up, we're okay."