Down to You - M. Leighton Bad Boys BR with Sara and Jo!5 Two-Is-Better-Than-One Stars!Olivia Townsend is your typical girl next door. College student by day and bartender at night, she plans to use her accounting degree to help her father with his farming business. Struggling to make ends meet, Olivia is forced to move in with her rich and snobby cousin Marissa. At her best friend’s bachelorette party, Olivia meets Cash, the owner of the club where the party is being held. Let me tell you, Cash and Olivia’s first meeting is very unique and is a scene I won’t soon forget ;) Cash is the type of guy that Olivia always falls for: handsome, sexy, womanizer, all around bad boy, and above all else, a guy that will more than likely break her heart.The day after the bachelorette party, Olivia meets Marissa’s boyfriend Nash, who happens to be Cash’s twin brother. Nash is the complete opposite of Cash. He is the typical good guy with a law degree and budding career as a lawyer. Nash is everything that Olivia thinks she wants in a man, but he is totally off limits due to his relationship with Marissa. ”I feel like all of a sudden, my life is a train wreck. And most of the wreckage revolves around two guys. Two guys, who, for totally different reasons, are tearing me up inside. Two guys I want. Two guys I can’t have. Two guys I can’t stop thinking about.”What is Olivia to do? Both guys are extremely appealing in very different ways. Does she pursue the sexy, fun, and completely available Cash, who will more than likely end up breaking her heart? Or does she pursue the handsome, successful, and completely unavailable Nash, who she will have to betray her cousin to be with? Decisions… Decisions…OliviaI absolutely adored Olivia’s character. I felt like I could relate to her on so many levels. Olivia is awkward, klutzy, and tends to embarrass herself but she is also smart, determined, and very loyal (all of which are just like me). She also had a hilarious internal monologue running throughout the entire book. Some of my favorite thoughts include:”I want to paper-cut her. On every square inch of her body. And then roll her in saltwater.”*~*~*~*~*~*~*”Note to self: Do not expect coherent thought to be possible when staring at Nash. Motor skills may be impaired as well. Take necessary precautions. I almost snicker when I picture myself putting on a helmet, kneepads, and a mouth guard every time Nash enters the room. Then I think of what I could do in the knee pads...”Cash & NashI adored both brothers for very different reasons and had a hard time figuring out which brother I thought was best for Olivia. While I loved how Cash rides a motorcycle, is a relentless flirt, and he brings out the feisty and fun loving side of Olivia, he only wants a friends with benefits type of relationship with zero commitment. Nash, on the other hand, would have no issues with providing commitment, Olivia can take him seriously, and he will have a professional career as a lawer, but I wasn't sure if he is really too good to be true.Overall, this was a really fun story with romance, suspense, secrets, action, and a huge twist. I will admit that I saw the twist coming but I still couldn’t put this book down! It was definitely a five star read and a new favorite for me!Memorable Quotes*“Where did you get that dress?I stole it from a homeless person," I say straight-faced. "She was lying right beside the stripper that gave you yours.”*~*~*~*~*~*~**“I promise you won’t regret it. I promise to make you feel things and enjoy things you never even thought of before. I’ll make every night the best night of your life until you say it’s over.”*~*~*~*~*~*~**“You bring out the worst in me. What can I say?”“That’s because you haven’t given me the chance to bring out the best in you.”*~*~*~*~*~*~*Side Note: I want to kick myself for waiting so long to read a book by Michelle Leighton! She has definitely gained another fan! I not only plan to continue this series but to check her other books out as well! =D