Turning Point (Kathleen Turner, #3) - Tiffany Snow Turning Point was an emotional rollercoaster for me! This book revolves around another case where Blane is defending a man accused of rape. His involvement in this case causes a lot of tension between Kat and Blane. Blane won't give Kat his reasons for taking the case and he keeps a lot of information from her in this book. Also in this book, Kat is beginning her new job as an investigator with Kade at their law firm. She ends up investigating a case for one of the other partners that ends up being related to Blane's case. There were so many memorable quotes from Turning Point but a few stuck out for me. The first was when Blane told Kat she smelled like home :) and the second was when Kade told Kat that when he looks into her eyes, he sees his soul written there. Gosh the last chapter and epilogue in this book about killed me! I felt so bad for Kat, Blane, and Kade. This book was very appropriately named since I think the end of this book was a huge turning point for all of the characters. I am still hoping for a Blane and Kat HEA but am not sure how things are going to work out. I will say that I don't believe their relationship or Kat as a person will ever be the same after the events of this book.