On Every Street  - Karina Halle On Every Street was amazing! I honestly didn't think that Karina would be able to make me like Javier as a character based on what we learned about him in Sins & Needles.. however, I was completely wrong!On Every Street is about a young Ellie Watt who is trying to get revenge on the man who was the cause of Ellie's leg disability. Javier is an employee of this man so Ellie's plan is to use Javier to get close to his boss so that she can get her revenge. The con doesn't go as planned, however, because Ellie and Javier fall in love along the way. This book follows the twisted journey of their relationship. Ellie: “It’s funny what love can do to a person. It strips them of everything, even their instincts. It creates a new reality for you to adhere to, a new world where you break the rules just to keep the love intact.” Javier is a terrible person for the most part. He is a criminal that doesn't have any issues with killing people. This alone is enough to make me hate him. That being said, Ellie accepted the dark side of his life and fell in love with him anyway. I thought that Ellie and Javier had really good chemistry together (maybe even more than Camden/Ellie). Javier is charming, very attractive, possessive, and could be very sweet to Ellie.Javier: "I could never forget your voice. You sound like an angel who’s gotten her wings dirty.”Javier: “You know,” he began, voice low and full, “if you were to ever leave me, I’d come looking for you, on every street.”Ellie: “You promise?”Javier“Always.” Overall, I still believe I am on team Camden. Javier has done too many terrible things to Ellie (in my opinion) to make up for all the pain he caused her. I would still give On Every Street 5 stars though. It was sooooo good :)