Turn to Me (Kathleen Turner, #2) - Tiffany Snow I love this series so much! :) Overall, I would say this book seems more polished and less rushed than the first.This story revolves around a case in which Blane is defending a former Navy SEAL. A lot of threats are being directed at Kat and Blane so Blane brings his brother Kade in to help protect Kat. There are a lot of twists and turns regarding this case and as usual Blane keeps a lot of important details from Kat regarding the case, her safety, and his decisions. One specific thing that Blane did made me furious with him! Even after he explains himself after the fact. He will definitely have his work cut out for him trying to repair the damage he caused to their relationship. I am still rooting for Blane and Kat but they need to improve their communication skills with each other.