If I Were You (Inside Out Trilogy, #1) - Lisa Renee Jones 4.5 Mysterious & Seductive Stars When her best friend is whisked off to Paris for a month long honeymoon, Sara McMillan is left with a storage unit full of a stranger's belongings. Sara is uncomfortable with the idea of selling the stranger's belongings so she vows to find the woman and return the contents of the storage unit to her. Her only clues to finding the owner, Rebecca Mason, are through some journals that were found in with the woman's belongings. After reading the journal entries and having no success in contacting Rebecca, Sara begins to wonder if something really bad happened to the woman. In her quest to find out what happened to Rebecca, Sara ends up being hired by the same art gallery that Rebecca is an employee of (but is currently on leave of absence from).My CastOverall, I really enjoyed this book. All the mystery and suspense surrounding the art gallery, Rebecca, Mark, and Chris really pulled me into this story. There were some similarities with the FSOG books (creepy bosses, angsty hero with dark secrets, & a bit of BDSM) but I honestly think this book stands out on it's own. And I have so many unanswered questions! Thankfully the sequel, Being Me, was just released so that I can start getting the answers to all of my questions =DMemorable quotes:"Other people's perfection is a facade we create when we are second-guessing ourselves."***"Life is too short and the world is too large and too full of the art you love not to see everything you can."