This Is Who I Am (Masters of the Shadowlands, #7) - Cherise Sinclair 4 SPANKALICIOUS STARS!SamSam is one of the Masters of the BDSM club Shadowlands and he is a well known sadist, particularly known for his skills with a whip. Sam is pretty emotionally detached from others, isn't particularly talkative (mainly due to issues with his ex wife), he is fiercely protective of others, and is very blunt/honest. LindaWe were introduced to Linda in To Command and Collar when both Raoul and Sam helped the FBI take down part of the Harvest Association (a known human trafficking organization) and saved her in the process. In this book, Linda is struggling to adapt to her normal life after being rescued from the slavers. Some of the members in her community are giving her a hard time and she is having a hard deciding if kink is something she wants as part of her life. She feels like she can't be normal because she is submissive and craves pain. This is Who I Am is the story of how Sam and Linda move forward with their lives after the events of To Command and Collar. It also follows their journey of learning to trust one another and in the process, they both help heal each other. I really enjoyed this story, even more than I expected to! I'll admit I was a bit nervous because of the fact that Sam is a sadist but I ended up loving this story anyway and there a few very steamy scenesMemorable Quotes/Moments:"'This won't hurt much' from a sadist is as believable as hearing a root canal is just a little uncomfortable."***Sam talking about his daughter Nicole when she started dating:"When she started dating, I hung a bullwhip by the door. Just in case..."***Sam's hilarious rant at the end. This doesn't really give anything away but he is pretty inventive with his language:I'll rip the fucking asshole's dick off and stuff it down his douche-bag throat. Take my whip and cornhole the bastard peckerhead fuckwad till his ass whistles 'The Star-Spangled Banner.' Then I'll break the dried-up piece of jackwad's leg off and shove it up his ass."