The Dex-Files (Experiment in Terror, #5.7) - Karina Halle The Dex Files was fantastic :) Loved seeing some of the major events from books 1-5 in his point of view. This novella definitely gives you a good understanding of Dex and his reasoning for a lot of things he did in the previous books. It answered quite a few of my questions. 5 ★'sQuestion for those who have read this series already (potential spoiler!): What is your theory on Max? His last name is Jacobs and I think that is an important detail. Is he like the Jacob and Jakob that Perry and Pippa knew? Like how their Jacob/Jakob tried to help them out, is Max there to guide Dex? I really thought I was going to get an answer to this at the end, but Max stayed vague lol. What are your theories?