Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror, #3) - Karina Halle 5 Emotion Packed Stars!Dead Sky Morning was by far the most emotional, scary, and gruesome of the Experiment in Terror books that I have read so far. I was put through the ringer on this one but it was totally worth it!In this book, Perry and Dex explore Death Island, an island that used to be inhabited by a Chinese leper colony. Before I read this book, I knew a little about leprosy but let me tell you, the descriptions in this book had me cringing.Before they even arrive on island, Dex and Perry are both stressed out. Perry is dealing with parental issues and is also having self esteem issues arising from hateful people posting comments on their blog. Dex, on the other hand, receives a phone call right before they go to the island that completely freaks him out. I think the stress from their normal lives really affected their trip to Death Island. The stress, the isolation, as well as the scary shit that happens during their excursion really tests their friendship as well as their trust in each other. Even though Dex and Perry's relationship takes a lot of strain in this book, there are a lot of heartfelt moments as well.Perry: "I know I didn't know him that well - but I loved what I did know. And what I didn't know drove me crazy like some book that you can't stop reading, just to see how it ends, just to see if your hunches were right." ***Dex: "You've got a beautiful face," he continued, his voice a register lower. The roughness of it made the hairs on my arms stand up. "Gorgeous eyes. I mean I've rarely seen eyes like yours. Fuck. It's like looking out at the ocean, trying to read it as the weather's changing. Perfect lips. The most adorable freckles and the tiniest little nose. You're like a sexy...bunny." There was also a lot of funny banter between the two:Dex to Perry: "Wow, I have got to step up my game. You are out...bad-assing me right now." Though this book isn't for the faint of heart, I would totally recommend this book to anyone who has enjoyed the previous EIT books :) A Dex quote that I thought was really insightful and in which I can totally relate to:"You're better off learning how to not give a shit about what other people think of you. Whether it's what some strangers on the internet think, whether it's what your old classmates think, or what I think or what your parents think, in the end, no one's opinion should matter but your own."