Red Fox (Experiment in Terror, #2) - Karina Halle So I started reading the Experiment in Terror series as part of a GR group challenge where we would read one book each week. I flew through Darkhouse in two days because I could not put it down and was too impatient to wait to read Red Fox so basically I finished both books in the first week of the challenge. Red Fox follows Perry and Dex to New Mexico, where they initially believe a farm is being haunted by poltergeists. "Poltergeists for the most part, seemed to be pretty unhappy spirits with a vendetta against humanity and an eye for trickery. I knew that if I died I'd definitely come back as one. It actually was quite appealing, throwing shit around and scaring hapless people out of their homes, just to be an ass. I started looking forward to "meeting" these asshole ghosts." Perry's hilarious thoughts after doing research on poltergeists. Soon after arriving on the farm, Dex and Perry realize they are in way over their heads with this case. Instead of being haunted by semi-harmless poltergeists, the farm is being terrorized by some type of Navajo curse or supernatural element. One of the aspects that I loved about this book was that we get a better insight into Dex. He was definitely more open and honest with Perry and I loved getting glimpses into his mind. Perry and Dex definitely get closer in this book. "I feel fucked up I mean, really fucked up. But I also feel. See, I'm not used to that. And my mind is going a mile a minute but its fucking brilliant at the same time because I'm getting ideas and these ideas want to make something out of this hellhole. I love it and I hate it. This is how I am feeling. I'm fighting it."***Dex: "We only get one chance"Perry: "It's not worth risking your life over"Dex: "It's not worth risking your life over. Mine means nothing" ***Overall, Red Fox was a wonderful addition to the Experiment in Terror series. This book contained mystery, some creepy elements, action, and something absolutely amazing happened in the last ten percent of the book.