Treachery in Death (In Death, #32) - J.D. Robb Treachery in Death was like a breath of fresh air :) I wasn't a big fan of the last two books in the series, but I absolutely loved this book! Treachery in Death is about Eve and her squad trying to take down a dirty police squad at Central. Peabody overhears the dirty squad's lieutenant and a detective discussing murder and their business of stealing confiscated narcotics to sell/distribute. Peabody tells Eve about what she heard, so Eve and the gang try to come up with a plan to make the arrests. The dirty lieutenant happens to be the daughter of a well respected cop and former Commander so this situation is very sticky for Eve. A few of the reasons I really enjoyed this book:* The banter between Eve and Roarke was hilarious.* There were quite a few romantic scenes between Eve and Roarke that were very sweet.* Eve absolutely kicked some dirty cop ass in this one!* Peabody grew as a person and police woman. * The plot and action had me at full attention and I didn't want to put the book down!Overall, 5 stars!