No Turning Back (Kathleen Turner, #1) - Tiffany Snow This is the first book in one of my new favorite series! The story revolves around Kathleen, a runner for a law firm/bartender at night, that gets herself into serious trouble after her neighbor is murdered. Kat is trying to figure out who killed her neighbor with the help of Blane, one of the partners at the law firm she works for. The chemistry between Kat and Blane is intense and I loved their interactions with each other! Throw in Kade, a mysterious gun for hire that keeps popping up as well and Kat has her hands full with two hot guys :) I couldn't put this book down! The only negative aspect to this story, in my opinion, is that parts of the story felt rushed and not as polished as it could have been. I would give this book 4-4.5 stars out of 5.