Origin (Lux, #4) - Jennifer L. Armentrout Lux BR with Sara & Jo continues!Writing this review is going to be difficult on so many levels. First, so much happened in this book that it is going to be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to say anything without giving away any spoilers. Second, I think this EPIC journey should be experienced firsthand, rather than by reading about it in a review. So, rather than give away any spoilers, all I will tell you about the plot of this book is that it starts off where Opal ended; Katy was captured by the Daedalus and Daemon will do whatever it takes to save her. "I’ll burn the world down to save her.”How will Daemon save her? Will he be successful? What will the consequences of the rescue mission be? Read Origin to find out! =DDaemon and KatyI loved Daemon and Katy so much in this book! I know that Katy frustrated many readers (myself included) with her horrible decisions in the previous books. I can tell you that, without a doubt, Katy completely redeemed herself in this book for me! She experienced some pretty horrifying stuff while being held by the Daedalus and she still managed to do what it takes to survive while also being true to herself. Daemon was pretty much perfection! He has to attempt the impossible by saving Katy from the Daedalus and the plan that he formulates in not only dangerous but he sacrifices a lot to get to her. Throughout this book, he repeatedly proves his love and dedication to Katy. Seriously, where can I find my own personal Daemon??? Here are some of the emotions I felt while reading (in no particular order):Overall, this book deserves 5 EPIC STARS! It has so much action, suspense, heartbreak, squee moments, and of course banter between Daemon and Katy. When you read this book, make sure you block out a lot of time to read because you will not want to put this book down! Opposition (Lux #5) can't come soon enough!Cliffhanger?I would say that there is a cliffhanger in this book. It definitely leaves you wondering WTF is going to happen now?!?!? BUT, for me personally, I didn't think the cliffhanger in this book was quite as bad as the one in Opal. Memorable Quotes: “As close as you’re riding me, man, I feel like I need to take you out to dinner or something. At least I should get your name.”*~*~*~*~*“I don’t expect a normal life. I just expect a life with you.”*~*~*~*~*“I don’t deserve you.”“You deserve everything.”